Master Authentic Confidence
& Communication™ That Connect and Convert

M.A.C.C.™ is the way to master your business, career and life with the authentic confidence, powerful impact and increased income you desire.

Speakers, Coaches & Business Owners:

If you feel fear, overwhelm, or doubt plague you when you open your mouth to speak about yourself and your business…

And, you want to show up more clearly, confidently and captivatingly as a thought-leader…

You simply cannot afford to overlook this invitation.

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You Can Ignite Your Business With Public Speaking

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Get Visible, Vocal, Vital & Get Paid

Master Authentic Confidence & Communication™ is a proven guidance system. It is the key to the influence, impact, and income you desire.

In M.A.C.C.™ we solve 3 problems that keep speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs from making a difference and getting paid:

1. Fear & Resistance: to be truly seen, heard and respected. 
2. Lack of Clarity: confusion, overwhelm, busily overworking.
3. The Confidence Gap: self-doubt, imposter syndrome, low self-worth.

Without mastering these three obstacles to your success, you will keep spinning your wheels, investing in each shiny thing that comes along and not get the results (time, energy, fun, notoriety, money, travel, freedom, lifestyle) you seek and deserve.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not alone. These are all solvable with the expert guidance, skills, tools, resources and practices we provide at Maritza Coscarelli Coaching.

90% of the population suffer “shyness” and experience visibility as an EXISTENTIAL
87% of individuals suffer from a LACK OF TRUE CONFIDENCE and SOCIAL ANXIETY100%
80% of people suffer from GLOSSOPHOBIA: The Fear Of Public Speaking 100%

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Master Authentic Confidence & Communication™ provides you with the skills, tools, resources, and support you need to get GROWING now.


Take it from me. Years ago, I spent time spinning my wheels alone in my office. Then I got help.

Everything changed for the better!

No GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) does it alone. You deserve to invest in yourself and your work. You are worth it and the ROI is remarkable. 

In addition: Join THE AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE & COMMUNICATION COLLECTIVE (a $2000 Value, Bonus membership included when you join M.A.C.C.™). To gain mastery in community.

Mastery | noun – mas·tery | /ˈmɑːst(ə)ri/

  1. Skill and knowledge that makes YOU the master of your subject (Command)
  2. Authority (Dominion)
  3. The  Deserved Upper Hand (Ascendancy)

Master authentic confidence, impact and income together with other brilliant speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. 

Build your free T.E.A.M. : Together Everyone Achieves More

Now is your time to shine your brightest.

You are a purposeful and powerful creator.

Step up to command, dominate and ascend with radical integrity, generosity, empathy and love.

Now that is uniquely brilliant!

Self-mastery helps you have clarity.

The master (or mistress) lives in the present moment, impacts others positively and creates a life of radical joy, peace, abundance, and freedom. 

Are you ready to create a bigger, richer life in 2021?

What if you could be less BUSY and much more productive?

What might you create and enjoy if you relaxed and enjoyed the process?

Are you having fun yet? Well, you are about to have much more!

Let’s get you some serious enjoyment and results as you Master Authentic Confidence & Communication™ That Connect and Convert!


You can see what others are saying:

Edwin Lamont

You cannot learn from those who do not know. Maritza knows! Maritza has the rare ability to communicate life lessons to others without glorifying or belittling herself. The result? Those who learn from Maritza and take her success strategies to the street achieve greater leadership, speaking, and professional effectiveness. Audiences benefit from her commitment to rehearsal and preparation as well as Maritza’s conversational, yet passionate speaking style. I happily recommend Maritza to anyone who needs a world class speaker for events, wise and empathetic confidence coach, or effective success peer.

Lois Margolin

How does one spell energy?
M-a-r-i-t-z-a! I had the pleasure to watch Maritza's presentation "Express Yourself" and realized that Maritza started off strong and maintained the interest of the audience throughout the presentation. Questions were professionally answered and Maritza made sure everyone was comfortable and had the opportunity to express themselves. I liked how Maritza managed the Zoom room by periodically stopping the screen share so she could see the audience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and giving us the ability to Express Ourselves.

Donny Raus

One of the things I appreciate and admire most about working with Maritza is her attentiveness and willingness to call out disempowering language and beliefs. Before working with Maritza I was very much in my own head, feeling fearful, stagnant, and stuck. Through our work together, she's helped me own all that I've accomplished, my story, and to be the hero of my own life. Basically, she got me out of my own way and for that I am forever grateful.

Kate McClare

I have been one of Maritza's clients for almost a year and she has helped me to focus my goals and develop skills I need for success. She is encouraging, supportive and caring, but she uses those qualities as tools to bring results. She believes in developing solid work habits and always has creative but practical suggestions for every challenge I face.

Richard H.

I have had a front-row seat to listen and watch Maritza grow and improve her speaking and presentation skills over the years. It takes practice and commitment to do this and that is what Maritza brings to her coaching. Keeping moving Maritza. You have been wonderful to work with.

Ed Katz

Maritza is a wonder! She brings insightful, real world experience and advice to those she coaches; always with a smile! I've witnessed her leadership, evaluation, and communication skills first hand and recommend Maritza without hesitation.

Rose Corrick

I ended my 2nd session with Maritza feeling grounded, confident and prepared for my next steps. In two short sessions, Maritza focused in with laser clarity to help me craft a powerful synopsis of my talk, a bio that was crystal clear and the right headshot for the opportunity. I marveled at Maritza’s coaching skills combined with her laser-like knowledge of exactly what was needed for me to create a powerful impact. She truly is a masterful coach and an expert authority on both confidence and speaking. I marveled at Maritza’s coaching skills combined with her laser-like knowledge of exactly what was needed for me to create a powerful impact. She truly is a masterful coach and an expert authority on both confidence and speaking.

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