Fear: What Are You So Afraid Of?

Overcoming Fear 101

What are your fears? How do they hinder your personal growth? Our fears thwart us from reaching our full potential. We have different layers of fear. Some fear is hardwired in humans for self-preservation. Others are simply created in our minds. Thoughts become projections of what may or more likely may not come to be. Even if your worst fears and worries manifested in your life, most of them would not be matters of life or death. What if we embraced what we love more than what we fear about life?

Here are some common fears that sabotage success and some suggestions to overcome them:

Mental Fear

The imposter syndrome is the fear of being “found out”. The thought that we are not an expert, not intelligent, talented or educated enough. This fear stops us from pursuing our passions. Learning is a life-long pursuit. Do what you love. Say “yes” as opportunities present themselves. Search out opportunities to do what you want and then learn as you go. A chance to do something new is a great motivator.

Social Fear

We all face rejection, criticism or harsh judgment. The majority of people come and go in our lives. The only one that needs to believe in you all the time is YOU. Practice self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love. You will then attract those that treat you as well as you treat yourself.

Creative Fear

The fear of creating or trying something then failing. The secret to overcoming this culprit is to remind ourselves that life is full of failures and successes. When we win we celebrate and when we fail we learn. You need both. You really grow from one. Recognize your fear and worry for what they really are. Then proceed anyway! Tell me about it in the comments.

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